Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And the gates are open...

It is with some trepidation that I start my first blog which I hope to finally publish up here.
I did publish a couple posts before but eventually deleted them because I thought they had no real value.
But after some deep thinking I've decided that I really do have some things to share after all.
We all have things to share. So I am excited about this new beginning.

Thanks to Nish at Collide Labs for motivating me to start this blog and get my '2 cents' on virtual paper.
Check out his website at   http://www.collidelabs.com/

I was giving some thought over the weekend, about the form and content of this blog and decided that I don't necessarily want to separate the professional from the personal. I am not a certified expert on the matters I wish to share views on. I am just a regular person who is passionate about emerging trends in social forms of collaboration. And I like sharing my online discoveries. There are some who even think I talk too much...
But I do jog and (try to do regular) yoga and my biggest social passion is salsa dancing. I believe in eating healthy and living a balanced lifestyle. And I also believe in the anti oxidant properties of red wine.

There's way too much information out there for any one person to take it all in. Google helps extract some gems out of the morass. But there is a noticeable trend in the way that information is spread over the internet.
If you look at twitter and the blogoshpere you see that certain persons find info of a certain ilk and send these out in tweets and blogs. So you may choose to follow those people who find the trending or even off-key stories on the topics that matter to you.
Yeah, some of us spend a lot of time on here, sifting out the stories that matter and put them all together for you to read. That's 'citizenship google'!

And were you wondering about the title of this blog?
Well for the visually challenged of us, it's about my 2 cents of ideas and 'sensemaking' of the world around me. And for the really dense, there's a pun in there.

I will put up the link to my twitter account here in case you want to check that out, just as soon as I figure out the @ thing.

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