Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have not posted a blog in over a month now.
Since it started to heat up I have not been spending much time online.
I am on leave for summer!

There's too much sunshine and activities outside in Toronto and I can't bear to spend as much time on the computer these days.
I'll return here when it gets too cold to lollygag outside.
But here's the link to my photoblog which is something I will be updating during the summer:

The 365 project is cool. It's a public project where you commit to posting a photo and commentary every day for one year. I have about 15 photos so far (just started), and find it a lot of fun. I hope to do all 365 days.
Family is visiting as well.
I have however been looking  at tv online with this add-on for firefox, called "TV Fox".:

It's great to see live BBC news and HBO movies (when the links work because they don't always). But there's enough working at any time for me to remain hooked on this free service.

I've been doing trot-walks in the Forest Hill area. Also been doing a garden photo-series for my sister who just retired. She loves gardens and my photos and the books I got her, will hopefully inspire her to design a fascinating garden where she lives in the tropics.
I actually find jogging through the garden-lined residential area, to be far more enjoyable than the designated trails. The engaging experience of looking at the scenery distracts me from the tedium of trying to  reach a landmark  which tells me that I can turn around and head back home.
Ok this is it for now.
Gotta get out for a morning jog and there's salsa dancing on weekends.
Way too much to do.
Happy summer!!!!!!!


  1. Be nice to hear about your summer jaunts as well!

  2. I know I should get back to it. I plan to ...when the leaves have all left the trees and there's no place left to go for a non-winterized person.